Top 10 points to improve your IELTS reading skill

 How to improve IELTS reading score?

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Top 10 points to improve your IELTS reading skill

Many of the student’s favorite language is not English so they find it difficult to understand its vocabulary. But you should not worry about it as we are giving you 10 points to increase your English reading skill. If you don’t know the exact meaning of some unknown words then you can simply make guess about it. And you can also score band 9. Here are the 10 points to improve your reading skill


Skim over and watch for the answers

Skimming means you have to just only look towards the main idea, no need to read each word properly. As you just have to answer the question, so skim over the test and find for the answer. Many students are there who read every single word properly and thus their time is wasted.

Watch your time

You should remember that you will get only 60 minutes to read three texts and answer 40 questions, you will not get even a single minute more in the test. So you should try to manage your time properly as the test start.

Is your spelling correct?

You should check your spelling before writing it on the answer sheet. If it spelled wrong you will not get single marks for it even your answer is correct. Or even single word written wrong then also you will not get marks for it.

Keep the order

After question 1 always question 2 will come so you should write everything in an orderly manner. Otherwise, you will lose marks if you have not maintained the order. The examiner will think that the correct answer is not provided.


When you skim over a test you should underline the main phrases of the text so that you can easily find the answer of it. It will save your time too.

Unfamiliar vocabulary? That’s ok!

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know about the text. Just only read the text carefully, you will be able to know the answer from the text itself. It won’t need extra knowledge.

Pay attention to the details

You should look thoroughly throughout the text, if there are any special feature like underline, table, capital letter, graphs, all this are important to look. As by looking at them and understanding them half of your answer will be formed in your brain.

No blank boxes

As there is no negative marking in the test so you will not lose your marks by giving the wrong answer. Hence you should try not to leave blank space. Fill whatever you feel and think right. Read the question again to make a guess. Try to write the most probable answer.

Cross out the wrong answers

If you find an answer that is surely wrong than cross it. Otherwise, it will confuse you. And if you don’t cross it then that answer will be considered and marking will be given according to it. So it’s better to cross it.

Choose your own technique

We cannot say which technique suits you best, so you have to decide this by yourself. As some students read the text first then they read the question. But some students read the question first then read the text and try to find the question in the text. So to know your technique you should solve IELTS reading samples. By this, you would be able to know your technique.

By following these tips you will definitely improve your English reading skills and also gives you confidence when you take up your IELTS Reading test.

With the help of IELTS reading tips, you will be able to build your own IELTS reading strategies which will help you solve IELTS reading samples or practice exams. So make sure you keep these on your mind and practice is daily before you give out your IELTS exam.

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