IELTS listening Strategies that will help you get high band score

IELTS listening Strategies that will help you get a high band score


When it comes to examinations everyone comes up with their own set of strategies where they plan according to their level of understanding and try to get a good score. In general, that’s how we have been habituated.

So there are no set strategies that you have to follow in order to get a high band score. All you need to do is adapt the usual process that everyone follows and then tweak a little bit according to your own style.


Strategy 1:


Before the IELTS listening exam begins, everyone will be given at least half a minute to go through the questions. We as individuals need to practice utilizing those 30 seconds effectively. If you know the questions then you will be able to spot the answers while hearing the audio itself. This is extremely important and one has to practice this a lot.


So while giving your test make sure you have 100% concentration only on the question paper and nothing else should go on to your mind.


Strategy 2:

Double check your answers, no matter what. After listening to the entire audio, the user will have 10 minutes of time so that they can copy all of the there answers to the answer sheet. Most of the time people do take this for granted and only copy the answers and then just wait for the next section to begin.


One has to utilize the time efficiently so that they can aim for high band score. Doing this will save you from a lot of last-minute errors.


Strategy 3:


If you are bored with the routine preparation then it makes sense to entertain yourself and at the same time enhance your listening skills. Yes, this is absolutely possible. With the advent of technology, you have an option to watch videos on your mobile phone. So, start watching any shows where you get to hear British accent or American accent. Doing this will help you to prepare well.


Following these three simple strategies will help you get band 8 score easily. Just be honest to yourself and prepare well.


Those who are taking the IELTS exam, I wish you all the very best.


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