First Quiz

Welcome to the Quiz section where you can complete easily. Taking these kinds of tests will help you brush up your English language skills. I hope you all take up this test and provide your score in the comments section. Share this article link with your friends and family.

This kind of tests will enhance your English language skills.

Welcome to your First Quiz

Read through the sentence and fill in the blanks with the appropriate option. These questions will test your English skill set. Make sure you answer all of these questions within 10 minutes.

Click on "Submit" button to save all of your answers. You will be able to see the answers after completing your test.

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Now, let's start the exam:


1. I _______ Basketball every Sunday afternoon
2. Don't make so much noise. Julie ________ to study for her IELTS test
3. Jhonny ________ his teeth after having dinner every day.
4. How many students in your Zumba class _____ from Scotland?
5. _______ many times every winter in Germany
6. You can keep my pen if you like. I ______ it any more
7. I _______ for my pencil. Have you seen it?
8. What time _______
9. Your new question!
10. Sorry, you can't borrow my new fountain pen. I _______ it myself



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  1. it’s good for me

  2. Some more quiz please.

  3. I scored 7 out 9

  4. I scored 10 out of 10

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