English Vocabulary Test

Vocabulary Test

It is mandatory for everyone to have a good grip on the English vocabulary. I have put together a small quiz and let’s see how you will perform. Take this as a real test and answer all the questions carefully.  Once you have completed all of the questions, you can find all the answers at the bottom.

Also, one suggestion for all my readers:

Once you have answered all the question

Form a sentence by using these words and practice. I would be happy to read your sentences in the comments section 🙂

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Remember practice is very important to score high band score in IELTS exam.

Alright, let’s get started with the quiz then:


Choose an appropriate synonym for SCHEME?

  1. Spend
  2. Shock
  3. Join
  4. Plan


Synonym for BENEVOLENT?

  1. New
  2. Violent
  3. Unsuitable
  4. Kind


Choose the best synonym for WARN?

  1. Tell of danger
  2. Get Closer
  3. Write
  4. Feel sleepy


Select the synonym for FRUSTRATION?

  1. First feeling
  2. Feeling upset
  3. Cold feeling
  4. Successful feeling



Choose the synonym for BOLD?

  1. Made up
  2. Brave
  3. Strong
  4. Ancient


Select the synonym for DELIVER?

  1. Answer
  2. Give
  3. Remove
  4. Find


Choose the best synonym for ALLEGED?

  1. Gathered
  2. Energetic
  3. Supposed
  4. Frightened


The best synonym for RIVAL?

  1. Ship
  2. Competitor
  3. Water plant
  4. Viral


Synonym for EMPLOYER?

  1. Farmer
  2. Waitress
  3. Boss
  4. Profession


Select the best synonym for INTIMATE?

  1. Scared
  2. Private
  3. Dress
  4. Not close








  1. SCHEME           – Plan
  3. WARN               – Tell of danger
  4. Frustration       – Feeling upset
  5. Bold                   – Brave
  6. Deliver              – Give
  7. ALLEGED        – Supposed
  8. RIVAL               – Competitor
  9. EMPLOYER    – Boss
  10. INTIMATE     – Private



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