Where can I find English speaking partner for IELTS test?

Well, this is one of the prominent questions that I always get to see where people tend to ask on social media, i.e.

Where can I find an English speaking partner for IELTS test?

A lot of individuals have responded back to the questions, but to be honest, I was not at all satisfied with their responses because of the following reasons:

  1. Referring some website without even trying them out. Just a word of mouth publicity.
  2. Most of these websites, don’t follow a standard recruitment policy, so the English teaching mentors are not scrutinized.

These are few reasons, I can think off right now.

So what are the other alternatives and comes back to the same question:

Where can I Find English speaking partner for IELTS test?

Check your Friend’s List:

Firstly, check your contacts and friends list and see if you have any native English speaking friends. This is the best way to start a conversation with them. As you already know them it is easy for you to start practicing immediately.

Practice it everywhere:

If you are working in a corporate environment then you can start discussing the same with your colleagues. Doing this you will help you practice English speaking and gradually improve your speaking skills.

Reach out to me:

I am on a mission to provide quality support to fellow individuals who are willing to enhance their English language skills. If you are serious about this and need help, then reach out to me aneetin1@gmail.com

I will be doing Skype sessions, WhatsApp sessions etc. for a nominal fee. If you are interested you can send out an email directly.

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Other areas:

I would recommend following few threads on social media where people can go through

IELTS speaking partner Facebook

IELTS speaking partner WhatsApp

If you are good with internet browsing them I would recommend you search with these keywords:

  1. IELTS speaking partner
  2. Online English speaking partner
  3. IELTS speaking partner 2018
  4. English Speaking partner
  5. IELTS mentor speaking partner
  6. IELTS speaking partner India.



Comments (5)

  1. I need any female partner, please violently any one solve my problem , my test is in august mid..

    • Dia,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know any female speaker friend who might help you out. If you are desperate then I can definitely help you. If interested, please contact me via Contact Me page.

  2. I need a speaking female partner for ielts. This is going to be my second attempt for ielts. I have got 5 band in speaking because at that time I was getting nervous and there was a female examiner

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