This page is dedicated for all the questions that are associated with IELTS test and IELTS FAQ. Within this page, you can get to see answers for the common questions that most of the students have.

All the questions that are related to Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking module are listed here. If you want to know more about the IELTS test, then continue to read further.

IELTS Test Information

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What does IELTS Stand for?  

IELTS stands for  “International English Language Testing System”

What type of skills are tested in IELTS test?

Within the IELTS test, the English language skill is evaluated in four aspects. i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

American English accepted in IELTS?

Yes, American English is accepted. It is a renowned International English language test. Most of the speaking test, the examiners will speak Australian/ British/ American accent.

Which parts of the IELTS exam usually conducted in a single day?

Your listening, reading and writing sections are held on the same day itself. But, speaking test happens before or after your LRW test.

Do we get a break in between reading and writing test?  

No, you don’t get a break in between the examination. All the three modules, i.e. Listening, Reading and Writing will be conducted one by one. So, it is advised to eat and drink before the exam. Stay hydrated 🙂

Do I have to use a pen or pencil for the IELTS test?

For Listening and Reading sections you are supposed to use only pencil. However, for the writing section, you can use a pen or pencil. It is your wish. But, it is advisable to use a pencil because it will be easy for you to erase and write again.

Am I allowed to wear a watch?  

Absolutely no, you are not allowed to carry anything into the examination hall. It is advised to take only your passport and stationary. Also, sometimes they do require a color xerox of your passport. For more accurate information about this, please do check the email from IELTS. A huge electronic wall clock is available within the examination hall.

Can we take IELTS exam more than once?  

Yes, you can write the exam “N” number of times  until you are satisfied with your scores. The number of attempts doesn’t have any impact.

Do I have to use Camel case letters or small letters/ Captial letters?  

You can actually use any of the three options that are discussed above. But, make sure that you follow the

Is it true that reading and writing test for General Training IELTS exam is different?

Yes, the writing test and reading test is different for General Training IELTS exam and Academic IELTS exam.