IELTS Listening Test Experience : All you need to know

IELTS Listening Test Experience

I hope you all are doing good. I wanted to come up with an article where you will understand how the IELTS test is conducted.

Firstly, after reaching out to the examination center, you will have to go through a couple of security checks and document verification process. I’m not going to talk in detail about this. I will be talking more about the IELTS Listening Test perspective.

I was seated in a big hall where I was surrounded by at least 300 people (all were appearing for IELTS examination).

Step 1:

An announcement was made where we were asked to check for our Headphones settings. The staff has played a short conversation and they have asked us to verify whether we had any issues with the available headphones. If you have any issues, they will sort it out before they begin the exam.

Step 2:

After fixing out all potential issues, they will replay the audio again. This is going to be the final check before we begin the test.

Step 3:

The IELTS examiner will play the recording and the test will begin. The entire test pattern is explained once again and the audio will begin.

Follow these tips while writing answers for IELTS :

  1. It is mandatory for you to pay 100% concentration listening to the audio. This is extremely important.
  2. For every section, you will get time to go through the questions first. This is very important because you can spot the answers easily while listening to the audio. This needs a lot of practice so make sure you practice your tests in the same manner.
  3. Write all of your answers on a rough sheet. Please ask for rough sheets so that you can write answers on the fly.
  4. End of the audio, you will get 10 minutes where you can write all of your answers on the answer sheet.
  5. Please utilize this time to analyze the questions and check for singular/plural answers.
  6. Use only capital letters for writing your answers. This is the best way to answer the IELTS exam.


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