IELTS Listening Practice Test

You are going to hear a conversation between a hotel receptionist and a customer who has come to make a booking.

An example has been done for you.

Before starting the IELTS listening test part 1 practice, take 30 seconds to look at questions 1-6.

When you have done that, start the recording and answer questions 

Audio recording. Make sure you read through the questions first before starting hearing the audio

Question 1-6

Complete the form below.


Hotel Information
Example answerName of accommodation: (0) Carlton Hotel
Length of stay:3 nights
Ages of children:(1) 
Rooms available:Two en-suites at £270
Price inclusive of:(2) 
Payment method:credit card
Name:Michael (3) 
Date of birth:(4)  1968
Address:273, Stanton Court, London.
Post code:(5) 
Telephone:08773 (6) 

Now pause the recording. You have 30 seconds to look at questions 7-10.

Questions 7-10

Complete the table below.

Write NO MORE THREE WORDS AND OR/ A NUMBER for each answer

Transport Options
Mode of TransportCostArrangementsTravel time to town
TaxiApproximately(7) £ Pick up from the hotel10 minutes
Bus £2 per person Walk down Oak Tree (8) 15 minutes
Walking——–Walkthrough(9) (10) 

Answers are available below:

Request you to give a try first before looking into the answers

  1. 9 (and) 12 / nine (and) twelve
  2. tax
  3. Fernsby
  4. 15 (th) October / 15th of October
  5. WC2D 5JB / wc2d 5jb
  6. 879456
  7. 15 / fifteen
  8. Avenue
  9. the (nice) park
  10. 30 minutes

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