How to improve your IELTS Writing skills to get band 9 score

This article will help you understand and concentrate on the core areas of the IELTS writing test.

Going through the article will help you achieve band 9 score. So let’s now wait for any further and understand

How to improve your IELTS writing skills to get band 9 score.

Here are 10 easy tips to improve IELTS writing skills

  • How to improve IELTS Writing?

Just follow the IELTS Writing tips and tricks

Everyone is interested to get a good band 8 in IELTS Writing. Every institute who takes IELTS test spends a lot of time in making students to train them to write very high standard essays. To get a good score they include many difficult words, very standard and hard grammar and make the essay more and more difficult and complicated but doing these things are really not necessary at all.

To get a good and desirable band in IELTS Writing, you need to be accurate enough for your ideas and write simple things instead of complicated words and grammars. Many students who are well trained also fail to score good points in IELTS writing because of doing simple mistakes and writing the content which is not related to the topic and writing more than needed words.

Here we have provided 10 easy tips which will help you a lot to score a good band in IELTS writing.

Read the question

First of all, you must understand what the question means and what it is demanding in the answer. This is a very important point to keep in mind which will help you achieve good band. So you need to read your question papers slowly and very carefully. You will be asked to mention the advantages and disadvantages and also give suitable related examples. You need to make sure that you cover both these in your answer.

Read what you have written

After writing you need to read the paragraph you have just written in the answer because it is very important that the next paragraph which you are going to write must be linked to the previous one and to do this reading your previously written content is the best way.

Be clear

The best advice is to write about what you know the clearest. Even though this is not the best answer you have experienced but your answer should be very much clean to understand by the examiner.

Write about what you know

Keep in mind that the examiner will not check your quality of idea but he will check the quality of your English so you should not concentrate on right answer but rather you should take a simple idea which you could explain better.

Follow the standard structure

To gain the maximum desired points you should follow the standard structure of writing. There are two tasks for writing.

Task 1 should be written as:

Introduction: describe what your graph contains.

Overview: state main tendency.

Specific details: describe important changes.

Task 2 should be written as:

Introduction: rearrange the topic and provide an opinion.

Body paragraphs: each should be linked to the lines written at the starting of the topic.


Conclusion: rearrange the opinion which you provided an introduction.

Don’t write too many words

You should not write more than 200 words in task 1 and not more than 300 words in task 2. Because the examiner will find it difficult and boring to read the long essay and so he will check through the essay carelessly. And you should also take less time to recheck what you wrote previously and correct your mistakes.

Choose your writing style

You will be asked to write an informal letter in task 1only and hence don’t use informal letters in other parts. By doing so, you will lose your marks.


Don’t learn model answers by heart

There are very fewer chances to get the same essay which you have prepared and memorized. So instead of memorizing it, you should prepare yourself for the vocabulary. Whatever the topics may be, you will be able to fit your answer into it and show your wide range of vocabulary. Failing to do so will lose points.

Don’t branch off!

Always stick to the theme provided you and keep in mind to avoid writing irrelevant content. Because if you get off track from the theme then even after writing a good answer the points will be cut.

Write clearly and coherently

Arrange the paragraphs of essay equally spaced and every paragraph should be linked to the previous one. You must avoid repeating your content. Each and everything mentioned in the essay must be linked to the central idea and theme provided. Following these simple steps will make your essay effective and well arranged.

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